Technical analysis for Jul 3, 2019 10:00 AM

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BNB/BTC: 4 hours chart

Bnb looks bearish and has rejected hard from .0033. That was old support turned resistance which is breaish. It is now testing the top of the shaded support zone. This is a logical support level. If this fails it could retest the low end of the shaded area and .0024. Chart is bearish until .0033 is retaken and held as support.

ETH/BTC: 4 hours chart

Eth has reject hard from .028. This too was old support turned resistance and bearish. I keep reading people are bullish on ETH, but the charts simply do not show it. It is now testing .024-.025 support. This needs to hold, or can get ugly. Bullish scenario is if ETH can retake and refind support back above .028.

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