Technical analysis for Jul 2, 2019 7:17 AM

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BNB/BTC: 1 hour chart


BNB also behaving well. Bounce from our shaded support area right into .0033 resistance and is now falling back as well. Support remains in the shaded area. Resistance is .0033 and .0036. Til .0033 is overtaken and support found there, trend is bearish.

ETH/BTC: 1 hour chart


ETH is behaving perfectly to posted support and resistance. It bounced from .025 support right into .028 resistance which was old support, and is now falling back. This is bearish behavior as support has become resistance. To be bullish Eth would have to overtake .028 then refind support there. Resistance above remains .028 and .03. Support below remains .024-.025.

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